Recent Before & After Photos

Residential Fire in Bowie Caused by Electrical Spark

This Bowie resident came home to see their house damaged by an electrical fire that was eventually traced back to their basement. Smoke and Fire damage resulted... READ MORE

Electrical Fire Results in Damage to Entire House

Unfortunately for this Bowie, MD resident, an electrical fire that was sparked in the master bedroom ended up continuing its damage into the rest of the home. S... READ MORE

Heavy Water Damage to Carpet

Some of the worst water damage can occur at some of the worst times! As you can see above, this customer’s living room was hit with some serious flooding.... READ MORE

Mold Remediation and Carpet Cleanse

There’s never a convenient time for flooding or storm damage to strike .Unfortunately for this Bowie resident, unattended moisture/ water found in the car... READ MORE

Water Pipe Burst in Bowie Attic

A busted pipe in the attic resulted in some pretty heavy flooding and water damage to this Bowie resident’s home. As you can see above, the water seeped i... READ MORE

Moisture and Mold Found in Home Kitchen

: Water damage caused mold and mildew to grow throughout the kitchen. SERVPRO of Bowie arrived as soon as they could with our highly trained technicians who qui... READ MORE

Stain Removal in Bowie, Maryland

Stains come in all shapes and sizes and while leaving them untreated can seem not harmful at the time, it can actually lead to further issues of mold damage and... READ MORE

Sump failure led to water damage in Bowie, Maryland

In the most unfortunate of cases, heavy rainfall paired with blocked or clogged discharge lines in the sump pump can lead to some serious water damage in your h... READ MORE